Paul expected to be filming in Portugal this summer, but that was before coronavirus….. He’s currently waiting for news of when pre-production on his latest film will begin again and meanwhile he’s got the oil paints out and has been doing what he calls ‘experimental work’. The images shown above are tiny little pictures (about 7cm wide) which he’s jotted down as ideas for bigger paintings.

The card shop is open and we’re sending out orders from our base in Cambridge – we have good stocks of our most popular cards. Most of our retail stockists are likely to be closed for a  while longer so the number of cards we need to keep in stock has  reduced but we  generally have enough to cope with internet orders.

Postal deliveries seem to be working well on the whole and most of our parcels arrive in two or three days – but they occasionally take a week, and second class post is sometimes faster than first!

Please contact liz.wheeler@hotmail. com if you have any queries about stock or deliveries.