Paul expected to be filming abroad this summer, but that was before coronavirus….. We’re still waiting for news of when pre-production on his latest film will begin again but it may be a while, so he’s still painting! The images shown above are tiny little pictures (about 7cm wide)┬áthat he’s jotted down as ideas for bigger paintings, a couple of which are now on the studio wall.

The card shop is open and we’re sending out orders from our base in Cambridge. We now have good stocks of our most popular cards and some of our retail stockists are open again – but nobody is ordering much until they see what’s going to happen next! We are still sending out parcels that will fit through a standard letter-box where possible.

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages to us during lockdown and passed on our website details to friends so as they can order. It makes a difference to know that you are all out there!

Please contact liz.wheeler@hotmail. com if you have any queries about stock or deliveries.