MARCH 2018

People who  work as an Art Directors design sets and adapt locations that will be used for any parts of a film where real actors are involved (as distinct from computer generated images and special effects that are created by other departments). The first few months of most films centre around producing drawings and models, but once filming is under way Art Directors (there are usually several) make regular visits to check on sets that are being built. The construction crew works well ahead of the film crew so I only meet famous actors in costume if I’m ‘standing by’ the camera during filming.  The UK film industry is focussed on three major film studios around the M25, at Pinewood, Shepperton and Leavesden – in studios the size of aircraft hangars.

Last year was unusually busy as I was involved in four different feature films and the latest one continues until June. There has not been much time for drawing and painting but there are a few new cards in the ‘card shop.’