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First Job

The rasping call of a lone black crow will sometimes kick my thoughts back four decades and place me in the frosted flat landscape of East Yorkshire. This was during my first job after leaving the School of Architecture and I was working at another place of learning: The Bishop Burton College of Agriculture where [...]

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This year’s job offers

Most years I work from the Spring until late Autumn, then paint during the winter. This year I did some big oil paintings – flowers mostly -  and some water-colours of London views that were used to produce greetings cards. Somewhere around March every year I phone my contacts in the movie business and catch [...]

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When I’m working abroad accommodation is usually provided, but if I get offered a job on a new production in the UK I often have to find somewhere to live at short notice. Liz has become increasingly insistent on helping to find somewhere, as a result of spending weekends with me in what she describes as [...]

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Filming: Brazzaville township, South Africa

Brazzaville 6 am – the unsealed roads mean that a thick red dust is kicked up by the dozens of mini-bus taxis that are milling round the centre of this township. We’re here to stage an explosion for the final part of the production I’m working on and have built our own shanty market in [...]

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Film crew recce, Mozambique

I’m in Maputo, Mozambique. It’s over thirty degrees, very humid and I’m travelling with a fleet of mini-buses containing ‘heads of department’ on a technical recce for a film. We’re not here because of the fabulous Portuguese architecture or the thick lush vegetation, but in the hope that this city’s desperate poverty will provide us with [...]

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Superman II – 1979

The second film I worked on was “Superman Two,” in 1979 at Pinewood Film Studios. The film would open with the three villains standing in front of the ‘Ice Palace’ set that had been constructed in one of Pinewood’s massive stages, but the scene would actually be filmed against a blue screen (then known as [...]

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