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For everyone who asked…  a small collection of film jargon! Pre-production can last for several years and some films never get any further. A core group of senior people develop the script, line up actors, find finance etc. Production starts when a film is definitely signed up and staff in all departments are taken on. [...]

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School design in South Africa

Few people who visit South Africa can avoid noticing the desperate poverty that exists away from the tourist areas. Living in Cape Town (whilst Paul was working there) it didn’t take me long to realise that I wanted to do something to help. I volunteered to work for the South African Education and Environment Project [...]

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Finding the way, Belgrade

Finding your way round Belgrade is a bit of a challenge as street names and signs on public buildings are written in cyrillic script and look rather like mathematical formulae. The main shopping street in Belgrade is Knez Mihailova – Prince Michael’s street – but the street sign starts ‘kHe3’ and ‘mihailova’ contains an ‘x’ [...]

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