img056 Since I first picked up an architects’ drawing pen in 1970 and drew a picture (now lost) of our village church, I have been inspired to draw the facades of many buildings that have taken my eye. At school I studied art, but was trained to do technical drawing at the same time. I was very influenced by the art books in the library where I discovered the the work of Paul Hogarth, John Piper and David Gentleman. I also like the work of cartoonists such as Ralph Steadman and graphic novel illustrators like Hugo Pratt.

It all seemed to come together very quickly but I had no idea that it would be a skill that I would continue to develop throughout my working life or that I would remain so interested in all forms of drawing, however they are produced. If you look further into this website you will see working drawings for feature films – including examples of computer drawing, which I find very useful for this type of work.Being able to draw technically has given me a way of earning a living, but my interest in a more free style of drawing has let me evolve and be able to produce the work that is showcased here.

This website is, of course, intended to introduce my work to people in the film industry who might offer me work – but it also aims to offer inspiration and guidance to some of the many students who contact me looking for advice, to provide information about my ‘day job’ to the loyal customers who keep buying my greetings cards and to give a glimpse of my world to all the friends who have never quite understood what it is that I do.